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Wednesday April 13th


Wednesday April 13th

Man Made CrossFit – CrossFit


Pause Front Squat + Front Squat (build to a max for the day)

10 rounds – Every 90 seconds, complete:

pause front squat (3 sec pause) + front squat


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

10 min AMRAP

20 T2B

20 Box Jump Overs (24/20″)

Extra Credit

1) Good morning: Work up to a 3 rep max for the day. Then 10 reps x 2 sets @ 50% of 3RM.

*Focus on form over load and make sure positions are strong. If you are new to this exercise, keep it light and perform 2 second pause at the bottom position of the good morning.

2) Seated DB Curls 3×10 AHAP

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