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February Athlete of the Month


February Athlete of the Month

Courtney Irwin Courtney I

Courtney found Man Made after driving by the sign outside of the gym. Although she said she initially thought it would be “way out of her comfort zone,” she decided to try it and loves what it has done for her body and mind! Courtney is the mom of has two precious young babies and struggled with working out in the past because of the “mom guilt” she felt for not spending time with them while at the gym. However, at Man Made, she says her son looks forward to coming and asks her regularly if they are going to work out because he loves being at the gym! Courtney says that it has helped her lose the guilt and stay committed when she realized that her kids could stay close while she works out and that they enjoyed being there just as much as she did! She stated that she is also glad to have the opportunity to be an example to her kids on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your body and hopes it will encourage them to start being active when they are young. Courtney said she was a competitive horseback rider when she was younger and did dance in high school but had never touched a barbell until she set foot in Man Made. Thanks to her dedication, she is proud to say that she now weighs even less than she did before she had kids! Congratulations, Courtney! We are so glad to have you and are proud of how far you have come! Keep up the great work!

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